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Billings, MT, USA

October 10, 2023


We provide a nationwide directory of Head Start and Early Head Start Programs in your area. We also provide information and reviews on the programs displayed.


The Finance Director advises and assists the Executive Director and Board of Directors on matters pertaining to all Fiscal Operations of the Agency. This position participates in service strategies that contribute to the welfare of Head Start, Inc. and the families served while being mindful of the responsibility to maintain confidentiality, be supportive and provide a child friendly atmosphere. This position serves with integrity and fidelity to ensure Head Start, Inc. values are incorporated into daily operations. This position supervises the accounting staff to ensure accurate accounting and documentation. This position is responsible for compliance with all federal, state and Head Start, Inc. regulations.


Financial Management Leadership
• The Finance Director will develop, monitor and evaluate fiscal policies and procedures operating in accordance with all local, state and federal law. 
• Work collaboratively with the Coordinators and Managers to maintain compliance with the Head Start Performance Standards, state childcare regulations and all program plans and policies. 
• Work collaboratively with Executive Team to develop budget projections for the program grant application and fiscal year. 
• Analyze revenue receipt and expenditure to assure regulatory compliance and prudent spending within budget limitations. 
• Keep Executive Director and Board of Directors apprised of the organization’s financial status. 
• Oversee payable functions, evaluating purchase orders to assuring requests are within budget guidelines and are coded according to budget components and funding source. 
• Monitor allocations within budget components 
• Oversee the bi-weekly processing of payroll and all associated reports and distributions. 
• Prepare and submit required local, state and federal financial reports 
• Develop, execute and evaluate all written and web-based material for child, parent, employees and community partners within the areas of fiscal management. 
• Develop, train and track program work plans and policies in the area of fiscal management. 
• Promote collaboration among components. 
• Maintain records and reconciliations of all Agency bank and investment accounts. 
• Accurately communicate and provide supporting documentation to the Executive Director to draw Federal funds and needed and prescribed using the Division of Payment Management System. 
Record keeping
• Maintain computerized financial record keeping system. Experience with Blackbaud Financial Edge and QuickBooks Accounting Software preferred. 
• Calculate expenditures and revenues, prepare and submit financial status reports and budget analysis to various funding sources. 
• Prepare monthly budget reports for the Executive Director, Management Staff, Policy Council and Board of Directors. 
• Monitor, track and reconcile cash flow of bank and grant funds. Prepare and input adjusting journal entries as needed. 
• Collaborate with the Executive Director to design and implement non-federal cost system to meet required 25% 
• Prepare for, assist with, and maintain schedules for audits of all funding sources. 
• Prepare for and participate in the Office of Head Start’s Focus Area 1 and Focus Area 2 Federal Monitoring Reviews. 
Regulatory Compliance
• Regularly monitor functional areas (fiscal and payroll) to assure compliance with requirements of Head Start Performance Standards and local, state and federal regulations. 
• Research, interpret, revise and create policies involving financial topics. 
Grant Proposal Budget Preparation
• Project expenditure scenarios and propose alternatives. 
• Calculate expected expenditures based on proposed program design. 
• Prepare federal and state grant application budget paperwork. 
• Record approved changes and adjusted budget balances on computer. 
• Supply financial information for other grant applications generated by the Executive Director. 
• Oversee and participate in the accurate processing of the bi-weekly payroll (utilizing the Paylocity software) and ensure the timely distribution of paychecks. 
• Review activity sheets and time sheets on a routine basis for follow-up and to report discrepancies. 
• Generate, audit, and maintain files on all payroll activity, following required retention schedules for all payroll related documents. 
• Download, review and maintain files of the quarterly and yearly tax and related reports/payments. 
• Audit, correct and timely submit retirement plan contributions. 
• Process premium payments related to employee benefits, including COBRA payments 
• Oversee insurance enrollments for pre-tax deductions and submission of new enrollment forms for all employee benefits, including Health, Dental, Life, TSA, etc. 
• Verify unemployment claims data for accuracy and follow-up to make corrections and or request relief from claims. 
• Oversee the maintenance of benefit related files. 
• Include benefit information with payroll distribution when requested. 
• Oversee Paylocity submission of quarterly payroll reports Federal Form 941, Job Service Employer’s Wage and Contribution Report, and State Income Tax Withholding. 
• Prepare and submit year end payroll reports – Federal W2 and W3 S& L, Federal 1099 and 1096. 
Accounts Payable / Purchasing
• Along with Managers, select vendors, assess vendor capabilities, develop alternate sources and evaluate vendor performance, negotiate price and delivery. 
• Order and maintain records of all program equipment ($5000+) 
• Review requisitions for accuracy, completeness, and prepare and process assigned purchase orders. 
• Other duties as assigned. 
Audit, Oversight & Review
• Prepare for and participate in the Annual audits 
• Maintain schedules required by outside auditors 
• Prepare for and engage with auditors from various funding sources. 
• Prepare for and participate in the Office of Head Start's Focus Area 1 and Focus Area 2 Federal Monitoring Reviews.   

Head Start, Inc. uses the strategy of Active Supervision to ensure that no child is left unattended while in the care of Head Start, Inc. Incidents of children left unsupervised must be immediately reported to the Executive Director. 
All Head Start, Inc. employees are responsible for the safety of children in our program. Active Supervision requires focused attention and intentional observation of children at all times. All employees who care for children position themselves in classrooms, on playgrounds, in hallways, on buses, on field trips and in any space where children are present so that they can observe all of the children: watching, counting, and listening at all times. They also use their knowledge of each child's development and abilities to anticipate what he/she will do, then get involved and redirect them when necessary. 



A Certified Public Accountant is preferred or a four-year degree in accounting, business, fiscal management or related specialized field and a minimum of four years’ experience in all aspects of accounting and supervision. Experience working and managing complete computerized accounting system. Experience with federal grants management preferred.


General Staff Responsibilities
• Supervise Accounting Specialist and Payroll & Benefit Specialist 
• Participate in all staff meetings, conferences, training sessions and workshops as assigned. 
• Demonstrate knowledge of employment policies, performance standards, work plans and objectives of the agency. 
• Strong knowledge of community resources and agencies. 
• Maintain congenial and respectful relations with staff, children, families and the community. 
• Keep current and accurate records. 
• Maintain confidentiality in regard to staff and family information. 
• Maintain objectives and professional standards. 
• Research, analyze and evaluate new methods, procedures and techniques. 
• Improve self-skills and education. 
• Be present at work in order to provide consistency of services. 
• Be a contributory team member in a positive/productive manner. 
• Demonstrate commitment to mission, vision, organizational values and policies in the performance of daily duties. 
• Must be available to work beyond the standard 8-hour day / 5-day week when necessary. 
• Perform any other work-related duties as requested by your supervisor. 


$86,000 - $104,000


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