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Past Events

January 2024

Anti-work: How a Savvy, Angry Generation is Rebelling Against *YOUR* Company.

MSAE members looking to provide ideas and take-aways to their association members about getting more young people involved ni their respective industries, creating interest, retention, and facilitating leadership skills. Duncan Taylors antiwork presentation will discuss this perspective in the workplace and explore the most popular and consistent themes of the growing "antiwork" movement. Taylor helps executives, leaders, and managers identify the ways they unwittingly contribute to the antiwork mindset and how to react to a quickly changing viral idea.

Duncan Taylor is the SVP and Chief Operating Officer for the Washington Bankers Association, and serves as President of WBA Professional Services,
Inc. He is a seasoned association management professional, and is also an experienced small business and not-for-profit technology consultant. He's a third generation "accidental banker", as both his mother and grandmother had careers at Washington Mutual. Duncan grew up around "the bank", and ti left an indelible impression on him as to the importance of the work the industry performs. Duncan is a graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School, holds an ABA Bank Operations Diploma, and is also an
alumnus of Highline College's Political Science program, Western Governor's University Business Administration and TI Management program, and the Society for Nonprofits Leadership and Management program at Michigan State University.

February 2024


Managing Conflict 


In almost any job, one of the hardest things can be having the tough conversations. What makes a conversation “hard” and how can you make these easier. We will go through some real life scenarios on having the hard conversations, how to approach conflict differently through understanding personality traits and building trust.

MARCH 2024

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Welcoming new board members:

core legal responsibilities


We  often take for granted that new board members understand their roles  and responsibilities when they show up to board service with your  association. But how do you really know that all board members are on  the same page? This workshop will focus on the core legal  responsibilities for every board member.  We'll talk about the necessary  focus of all board, governing the association, versus "doing" and  "managing" the work. We'll share some suggested board practices that  help you carry out those core duties.

April 2024

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Membership Matters: Designing Dynamic Annual Meetings to Drive Engagement


In this presentation, discover how to unlock the full potential of your annual meetings by identifying and tapping into the needs of your membership. I will share practical insights and proven approaches to foster meaningful member engagement and elevate the success of your events.

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